Loving Home

The people of the city of Bristol love the city of Bristol. This shouldn't be all that special but it's my belief that this phenomenon is fairly unique.

I live in Eastleigh. I'm not living in Eastleigh because I love Eastleigh. I'm here primarily because of work, friends and family as well as other smaller factors such as good rail links, access to supermarkets and where I can afford to live.

I work in Southampton. I don't work there because I love it. I work there because of the company and the commutable distance.

The people of Bristol love Bristol. So why is this? Bristol has a lot to love, but then again so does Southampton, so does Eastleigh. What makes Bristol special is that the people of Bristol have chosen to be here; it's a destination; and they're constantly reminded to love their city: it's printed on the sides of their buses.

Are there things to love about the places we all live and work? Absolutely. We just need to put the effort in to identify them. And then we need to tell the world. A communal love for our homes is far stronger than an individual's love.